Future Mountain Project Attendees,

Mountain Project is just one month away! If you are anything like me, you are ready to be finished with the semester and looking to enjoy your summer break. I can see myself now with my shades on, cruising in my Silver Mazda, blasting some Beach Boys and on my way to the wonderful Pigeon Forge. While daydreaming, I am reminded of a list of helpful tips I sent to my buddy, Andy Tatum, last summer. Andy was attending his first Mountain Project and I wanted to help him get the most out of the summer. I’ve decided to include the list below, I call it “15 Tips For Your Mountain Project Trip!”

  1. Try to meet everyone and learn their names the first week.

    -This will help develop relationships early and really make it easy to get to know everyone.
  2. Ask a room on a Group date early.

    -They are always fun and are an easy way to meet people. It will also give you time to ask more rooms throughout the summer.
  3. Nap occasionally.

    -Trust me on this. If you nap a lot, you will miss out on the fun and it’ll be harder to sleep at night.
  4. Use all free perks that come with working at Dollywood.

    -This is where you build relationships with everyone, enjoy free time and often do group dates. “The Track” was my favorite perk.
  5. Focus on God, not “that guy” or “that girl”.

    -Ok, yes some are cute but remember the real reason for being at Project, God and growing in your relationship with Him.
  6. Serve. Be a servant to those around you.

    -Grab someone's plate and help clean the Shed are some examples. Christ was a servant, so we should desire that as well.
  7. Daily quiet time is a need.

    -Obviously, this is very important but it is very helpful during a stressful day at work. Spending time with God makes all the difference in your day, miss a day and I promise you'll realize it.
  8. Set aside a time of prayer each week.

    -At least 30 mins of just praying. I never specifically did this but I wish I would have.
  9. Get up early, it helps your day go better.

    -Also, a great time to get in the word. Fighting to take a shower doesn't exist if you're the first up.
  10. Be open and vulnerable.

    -This mainly applies to D-Group and with your room lead. Be open about your struggles and they can help keep you accountable. Even the "deep dark struggles".
  11. Share the Gospel at work.

    -Once getting to know your coworker, don't be scared to talk about Jesus with them. Even share your testimony. Believe it or not, most will accept the conversation. Most know why you are there.
  12. Coffee is your friend. 

    -If you don't like coffee, learn to like coffee. It's a great helper in the morning. Don't spend all your money at Starbucks though. Also, don't be a sissy and put cream and sugar in it…Drink it black.
  13. Keep your family updated.

    -You don't have to call them every, but at least show you care. They love hearing from you and will enjoy Family Weekend as well.
  14. Feed the geese off the back balcony ...it's so fun.

    -They like cheese balls and animal crackers
  15. Eat at Little Tokyo.

    -It's my favorite place. Say the phrase “We skinny over here”, regardless of your actual size, and you are almost guaranteed to get extra food.

OVERALL, enjoy the summer. This was by far my best summer of all and I wish the same for you. Let God work in you and grow in your faith. Build friendships that will last a lifetime and invest in the people around you.  

Feel free to send this or show this to anyone else that plans on going to Mountain Project!

Jacob Marlett is from Portland, TN and currently getting his MBA at Tennessee Tech University. He graduated from Tennessee Tech University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in Accounting. Two summers ago, he spent the summer at Mountain Project and last summer attended a Cross-Cultural Project to New Zealand. This year he gets the privilege to serve as one of your Mountain Project Team Leads. His favorite things to do are watch sports with his friends and make people laugh.