I almost died. Really. Like in the I'm actually dead kind of dying. 

It all started with a desire that needed to be finalized into a plan.

My buddy and I were going to create our own path up the beautiful mountain we could see in the distance from our breakfast table.

I decided to drive out later that day and find a good entry point for us. We would go up the next morning.

Context: This was a border mountain for Thailand and Myanmar(Burma). I can speak Thai fairly well. 

As I was walking along the dirt road that snaked along the base of the mountain a man came out of what seemed to be nowhere and asked what I was doing.

Me: I'm going to hike up this mountain tomorrow. 

Thai man: No.

"Oh, is this private land?"


Being as polite as I could, "why can't I hike up the mountain?"

"Landmines from the old war. "Boom!"

"Yes, sir. Can I hug you?"


We still climbed a mountain the next day, but it wasn't the border mountain. The adventure was not thwarted, but death was.  

Sure, it may not seem like the decisions you are making will end in a leg getting blown off or losing your life, but the emotional and life path results could be as bad. 

You are making decisions in college that will have ripple effects for the rest of your life, that will bear fruit in your career and family. You are desiring a certain path and hoping that by the time you graduate you will at least have a basic plan. 

I want to help you avoid landmines. I want you to live an amazingly adventurous life. 

This is why I confidently point students towards the Mountain Project.

The Mountain Project is a great place where landmines are removed and wisdom is gleaned to help us avoid potential explosions as we blaze ahead. 

Take some time today to look around the site to hear from others about this amazing and even life saving opportunity.