From the MP Director

"Mountain Project 2019 is such a good investment to make in order to develop as a man or woman of God. The Project helps us develop in godliness as we learn from God’s word, receive training from leaders and peers, and are sharpened by one another. Your student will get to grow in leadership as they are challenged throughout the summer and asked to participate in leading the Project. You cannot forget the amount of fun and relationships that are built - and don’t forget the added bonus of a guaranteed job at Dollywood for the summer!”

Caleb Haney, TTU Campus Director and MP19 Director


Campus Outreach, founded in 1978 by Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama, is a network of interdenominational ministries targeting strategic college campuses in the United States and throughout the world. 

Summer training projects have been a regular part of our discipleship since the early 80's as they continue to prove effective in establishing & equipping college students to know God and make Him known.


Hear are a few leaders who have been involved with Campus Outreach in the past.

Parent Endorsement

We have had 4 children participate in Mountain Project over the past 7 years.  We have seen so much good fruit born in them from their time with Campus Outreach leadership at Mountain Project.  What has particularly impressed us is how they all have grown to love, cherish and obey God’s Word, and from that we have seen the fruit of love, honor, diligence and service grow in our children.  Secondly, we have seen them develop great, supportive, and enduring friendships through these summer mission projects - friends that truly care about their lives and their walk with Christ. Jim and I can highly recommend this CO summer program for your college children.  What they learn will be well worth their absence during that time for what they will gain.

Jim and Janis Dooley (Parents of Tennessee Tech students)






Can I leave the project for a wedding or __________?

The Mountain Project is a unique 9-week project in which each week builds on the week before it. It is crucial that we guard the continuity of the Mountain Project and the environment it creates. Also, because of our unique partnership with Dollywood, we ask students to be on the project for all 9 weeks so that we can fulfill our job commitment. Furthermore, the safety of the students is a primary priority. Therefore, no out of town trips are permitted with the exception of the following:

  1. Emergencies – (such as death or serious illness in the family, etc.) The Project Director would need to be contacted and arrangements would be made immediately.

  2. Weddings – If the MP participant is in the ceremony (Bridesmaid, Groomsmen) or a close relative of the groom or bride.

  3. Military Duty – If you have been accepted to MP and are required to attend a short-term military training drill or required short-term activity with his or her unit.

Occasionally, there are other obligations or previous commitments that are taken into consideration. In the event that such a situation exists and your child wishes to request a temporary leave of absence, he or she must contact the Project Director in writing. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and need to be done prior to the start of the Mountain Project. 

Can my parents come visit me?

Absolutely! In fact, we have a whole weekend dedicated to just being with parents! Go ahead and put June 14-16 on your calendar! Anytime outside of this your parents are able to visit, but you must work around our free time in order to be with them. We can't wait to meet all of your parents

Why 9 weeks?

In our experience it has seemed that this is just about the ideal length of time to get the maximum amount of training possible. There are hard periods where perseverance must be practiced, but it is a worthwhile investment!

Why does my son/daughter have to go to the Mountain Project to grow in their relationship with God?

We are not of the persuasion that this is the only place your son or daughter can grow as a Christian. However, we do feel that if they can pull away for a stretch of time with their peers and focus primarily on their relationship with God, there will be some incredible growth that can happen!

Can I bring my cell phone?

Yes, of course. There will however be times throughout the week where we ask that you focus on the training at hand and turn your phone off.

Can I bring my laptop or iPad?

No, unfortunately you are not able to bring either of these. We strongly feel that one of the highlights of the summer project is to remove ourselves from all of our entertainment devices. The director of MP would love to give more clarity on this question in person. There are only a few exceptions to this rule. (See below on the question about an online class.)

I need to take an online class this summer. Is that possible?

Though difficult, it is possible. Our weekly schedule is already pretty packed, but if you are willing to put in extra hours to take the class and use your free time for it, that is your choice. The Director will need written proof that you are taking the class before he can allow you to bring your computer to the project.

Do I have to work?

Yes, all participants on the Mountain Project will required to have a job throughout the summer. This is simply a part of the entire project experience, and we are committed to helping you find a job in Pigeon Forge.

Do I have to raise support?

No, you definitely don't have to, but we do strongly encourage it. If you choose to raise support, there is a mandatory training time in March.
Below are some benefits of raising support:

  • Enables you to offset your living expenses this summer, thereby permitting money to be freed up for school costs.

  • Great opportunity to share your vision and heart for God with people in your church, family, and community.

What all is covered by my $1700?

The cost of the Project is $1,700 (your child will be charged $190 each week for 9 weeks in addition to the Commitment Deposit). This cost includes the rent for the hotel, training materials, 3 meals a week, a T-shirt, some social events and administrative costs.

  1. Please bring enough money to cover the first few weeks until a paycheck is received.

  2. If for any reason your child arrives late or leaves early, the total cost is still the same.

  3. The first rent will be collected the day your child arrives (see rent payment plan).

Do I have to pay all $1700 up front?

Payment can be made in full on the first day of the Project, or in weekly installments over the course of the summer. Students commonly raise money from their home churches, relatives, and friends to help pay for the cost of this mission opportunity. Participants can also finance the summer through the money they earn at their jobs.

When does the MP begin? When is it over?

Arrival – Your child should arrive in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on May 29th between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. (Disciple Leaders arrive May 27th at 2:00pm) Please do not arrive before or after this time.

Departure - The Project will be over on July 31st.

What address can mail be sent to?

Attn: (your child’s name), Mountain Project c/o River Lodge South
3251 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Where do we stay?

The River Lodge South Hotel. See "Information" page for more info.

Does the hotel room have a refrigerator or microwave?

All rooms will have microwaves and refrigerators provided by the hotel or the leaders of the project.

Do I need to drive my car?

It is not necessary that your child to bring a car, but many students find it helpful. Students may have to carpool and will need to coordinate rides to work and church. 

What kind of clothes do I need to pack?

Please plan to bring only those clothes items that will be absolutely necessary.

  1. There is not a lot of storage area in the rooms, so bring only what is necessary for the summer.

  2. Your child will need only a few dress-up clothes (Men: Shirt and ties, Women: Dresses) during the summer for church each week and a few special activities that we have planned.

  3. Most of our meeting times will be casual dress.

  4. In selecting swimwear, please choose something that is modest. There will be more detail given on this in meetings at TTU and UT in the Spring.